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Electrosmog Info

Even at irradiation levels well below the current limits for specific absorption rate, researchers have observed significant effects of 5G radiation at a frequency of 3.5 Ghz on the biomechanics of...


While electrostatics are not life threatening to humans, reducing electrostatics in your everyday life can greatly improve your quality of life! 


Dirty power is the term used to describe the "pollution" of the supplied power by the consumers being operated. You can find out how to deal with this here! 


Bluetooth makes life easier for many; whether listening to music with headphones, transferring data from cell phone to cell phone or using peripherals such as keyboards, printers or wireless


Topic electrosmog: What actually is electrosmog?  The term "electrosmog" refers to the mixture of different electric and magnetic fields and electromagnetic waves in a room, which


We refer again and again - also on our website - to the standard of building biology measurement technology and point out recommendations and guide values. But what exactly is this standard?    


37.5 million computers can be found in German workplaces. Over 90% of households in Germany also have at least one PC or laptop in their private lives. And the trend continues to rise. Germans are


Germans are sleeping less and less well. Various surveys and studies show that more and more people are suffering from problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night, and an increasing


Did you know that people literally sleep through about 30% of their lives? Our body should regenerate during sleep - and this should be as unencumbered as possible by noise, light and also


Electrosmog is the term used to describe the mixture of low-frequency electric and magnetic direct and alternating fields and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. In our modern, high-tech world,

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