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Finally healthy sleep and more well-being through detection and protection from electrosmog

Whether for professionals or laymen: Our field strength measurement technology has proven itself in practice thousands of times worldwide. We see ourselves as a solution provider - on request, we can also support you in finding suitable protection solutions.

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Measurement technology, accessories and protection solutions from Gigahertz Solutions


Whether for professionals or amateurs: Our field strength measurement technology has proven itself in practice thousands of times worldwide. Own development and production!

Demand Switches

We are still the only manufacturer of VDE-compliant demand switches! Find out about the many advantages.


Here you will find our range of effective protection solutions against high and low frequency radiation (electric and electromagnetic fields).

Development, production, quality assurance, consulting, service - all from a single source.

Worldwide, many thousands of building biology measurement technicians, citizens' initiatives, doctors, companies and private users rely on our field strength measurement technology. In addition to pure product development, Gigahertz Solutions also conducts successful basic research. The knowledge gained from this
flow directly into our products manufactured here in Langenzenn, Franconia, but also advance building biology measurement technology as a whole.

A large number of granted and registered patents guarantee advanced devices whose possibilities go far beyond the state of the art. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes and qualified employees ensure consistently high quality and an excellent price/performance ratio.

Irritant topic electrosmog: Make your own picture!

Few environmental topics are discussed as controversially as the effects of alternating electric and magnetic fields or high-frequency radiation on humans. Some speak of unfounded scaremongering, others of deliberate trivialization. The factual discussion today is less about the question whether there is a biological effect of EMF at all, but rather about which field strengths, frequencies and exposure durations lead to the expectation of negative effects.

A careful measurement of your personal environment with qualified measuring instruments will reliably help you to get your own picture of the irritating topic "electrosmog". If you notice an increased exposure, you are "on the safe side" with a precautionary reduction for all cases - no matter in which direction the further discussion proceeds.

Effective protection is possible!

And this can be achieved without sacrificing comfort or technical achievements! With a precautionary reduction of avoidable burdens you are on the safe side - no matter how the further discussion and technology development proceeds.

There are many demonstrably effective remedies available against electrosmog, especially in the low-frequency range, which can be realized without any additional costs (some tips in all our instructions). On this homepage you will also find technical aids such as mains decouplers/network isolators or various materials for high-frequency shielding.

Take the initiative: It is about the certainty to live free from unnecessary electrosmog pollution. For yourself and for your family!

What is "electrosmog"?

The term "electrosmog" is used colloquially to describe the mixture of different electromagnetic fields and waves in the room, which inevitably arises from the use of electricity and mobile communication.

A distinction must be made between high and low frequency, which have completely different causative and propagation characteristics - for this reason, different measuring devices are also required. With regard to low frequency, the devices must also be able to distinguish between alternating electric and magnetic fields. Preferably, their frequency response should also include the kilohertz range, so that the increasing "pollution" of the mains current with artificial harmonics caused by electronic devices ("dirty power") is also detected.

Does electrosmog make you sick?

This is discussed extremely controversially! Symptoms such as reduced performance, sleep disorders, constant headaches and psychological changes (e.g. depression) are increasingly being linked by critical scientists to increasing exposure to electrosmog.

Current research results on the influence of electromagnetic fields on hormone balance, immune system and biorhythm also suggest a cautious approach to the phenomenon of "electrosmog". In this context, the term "EHS" for "electrohypersensitivity" has meanwhile established itself as a new complaint.

THE comprehensive, again and again updated standard work to this topic from building-biological view comes from Wolfgang Maes and is obtainable over Institut for building biology and lastingness.
Measurement creates clarity!

With specific measurement technology for high and low frequency, you can create a reliable basis for decision-making - beyond any "esotericism".

In addition, there are recognized precautionary values for a harmless level of exposure to different types of fields and radiation, on the basis of which everyone can assess their personal exposure and derive consequences.

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We are your team!

Our employees lovingly develop and produce our measurement technology and network decouplers themselves. 20 granted patents impressively document our passion. Innovative solutions for precise measurement and successful protection against electrosmog is our claim.

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