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Electrosmog shielding at home: How does a canopy actually work?

Luftige Abschirmstoffe vor einem Fenster

Did you know that people literally sleep through about 30% of their lives? Our body should regenerate during sleep - and this should be as unencumbered as possible by noise, light and also electrosmog.   

In our highly technical world, we are practically permanently exposed to a mixture of low-frequency electrical and magnetic direct and alternating fields as well as high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.  

Not everyone has the opportunity to renovate a complete room or even a complete apartment and already take precautions on the building side by means of shielding against electrosmog. But also tenants can protect themselves effectively: How canopies for shielding work, we explain here!  

How does shielding of high and low frequency electric fields work with a canopy?

In order to prevent low-frequency electric fields from entering a certain area, they must be dissipated via an electrically conductive surface above ground. Canopies for shielding single or double beds are made of a special conductive fabric. Conductive threads, for example made of silver, are spun into such fabrics to ensure that the fabric can be grounded. The grounding can be done with a metallic Velcro fastener or simply via a magnetic grounding point through the socket, provided that it is suitable for this purpose. 

High-frequency alternating electromagnetic fields, on the other hand, are not dissipated via the ground, but are reflected. Here, too, electrically conductive materials are needed; many fabrics and materials used to shield high-frequency alternating electromagnetic fields, for example, contain a high proportion of copper - but are not themselves conductive. Such fabrics cannot be grounded and therefore do not provide protection from low-frequency electric fields.  

To completely shield the sleeping area, a bed base should also be used. This creates virtually a complete Faraday cage around the bed. Many canopies can be connected directly to such underlays using Velcro fasteners to provide maximum protection. Note: Bed pads must be grounded separately if they have an appropriate grounding point.  

How much electrosmog can be intercepted with a canopy?

Here it depends entirely on the fabric used.  Metallic-coated or vaporized fabrics, which are themselves electrically conductive, can provide up to 48 dB of shielding attenuation at 1 GHz when used as a single layer.  However, such fabrics are susceptible to wear. They may only be washed with particular care, and the shielding effect decreases significantly with service life.  

Non-conductive fabrics, on the other hand, which can only shield high-frequency electromagnetic fields, have an impressive longer service life. These fabrics wear out much less quickly. However, these fabrics achieve a single-layer shielding effectiveness of only 38 dB. If you are particularly exposed to high levels of stress, you can achieve shielding effectiveness of up to 53 dB with two layers.  


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What do you have to consider when using a canopy? 


Canopies are probably the most straightforward protection for the home! As simple to install as any conventional bed canopy and visually available in many varieties. With a canopy, you can not only protect your sleeping space from electrosmog, but also fulfill your own childhood dream of an opulent canopy bed! These are the things you should pay attention to when using a canopy: 

Canopies should be used in combination with a bed base, if possible.     

  • You should ground conductive fabrics with the appropriate grounding accessories. 
  • Non-conductive materials cannot dissipate low-frequency fields and only offer protection against high-frequency electromagnetic fields. To be protected from LF-EMF as well, you need to take additional shielding measures.   
  • Every opening of the canopy is a possibility for fields and radiation to enter. This therefore significantly reduces the effect of the canopy, making it essential to ensure that the canopy is closed consistently and that there is continuous contact with the bed base. 
  • No technical devices should be used inside the canopy. The canopy also reflects the alternating fields inside - so if you use your smartphone inside your canopy, you may be exposing yourself to higher levels of stress than without the canopy.   


Canopies are easy to install and relatively inexpensive. They can be easily taken with you whenever you move - be it to another bedroom, another place in the bedroom or a new apartment. Therefore, they are perfect for all people who do not have the opportunity to protect themselves from electrosmog through structural measures. Non-conductive fabrics offer protection from high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, while conductive fabrics can also reliably shield low-frequency alternating electric fields by means of grounding.n.  

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We will be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate measuring device and also advise you on possible protection solutions.
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