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What is electrosmog?

Electricity plant in front of blue sky and sunset
Topic electrosmog: What actually is electrosmog? 

The term "electrosmog" refers to the mixture of different electric and magnetic fields and electromagnetic waves in a room, which inevitably arises from the use of electricity and mobile communication.  The word itself is merely a colloquial expression; strictly speaking, "electrosmog" is the prevailing electromagnetic radiation exposure. 

This exposure is made up of different components. There are both the electric and magnetic direct fields, electric and magnetic alternating fields as well as electromagnetic waves. The colloquial electrosmog is therefore a wild mixture of different fields at different frequencies.  

In order to measure electrosmog in a meaningful way, different measuring instruments are required. In terms of low frequency, the devices must also be able to distinguish between alternating electric and magnetic fields. Preferably, their frequency response should also include the kilohertz range, so that the increasing "pollution" of the mains current with artificial harmonics caused by electronic devices ("dirty power") is also detected. 

Electricity line in front of orange evening skyWhat is low-frequency electromagnetic radiation exposure? 

In low frequency, the electric field and the magnetic field are considered separately. When low-frequency magnetic fields affect humans, electric fields and currents are generated in the body. These again interact with the body's own electric fields and currents.  

Low-frequency electric fields, on the other hand, influence the electric charge on the surface of the body, i.e. the skin.  

Various factors are important for the effect of these fields acting on the human body from the outside:  

  • The strength of the fields 
  • The frequency of the fields 
  • The distance to the field source 
  • The orientation of the human body in the acting field 
  • Anatomical features of the body in relation to the field direction 
  • Duration of the exposure 
  • Grounding of the body 
  • Personal sensitivity 

Radio mast in front of a blue sky with schematic waves coming from it
What is high frequency electromagnetic radiation?  

 At increasing frequencies, at some point an electromagnetic wave detaches from the carrier and then travels in space as electromagnetic radiation. Thus, in high frequency, the radiation always has an electric field component and a magnetic field component. These are not considered separately, but always together.

As an effect on humans and other biological systems, the focus is on the thermal effect of high-frequency radiation. Periodic excitation of dipole molecules and free charge carriers causes friction between the moving molecules/charges and thus heat is generated in the tissue.  

However, a non-thermal effect of radiofrequency on humans can also be observed. Studies show that radiofrequency radiation could affect the blood-brain barrier, among other things. Other studies suggest that RF EMF may have a growth-promoting effect on certain tumor cells.  

The following factors play a role in radiofrequency:  

  • Frequency 
  • Field strength 
  • Distance from transmitter 
  • Type of radio service  
  • Duration of exposure 
  • Composition of body tissue 


The topic of "electrosmog", or electromagnetic radiation exposure, is a highly complex issue that cannot simply be dismissed in two side sentences.  

E-smog has occupied science and research for decades - and the scientific opinion on the subject is much more complex and differentiated than is perceived by the general public.  

Numerous scientific and medical studies also deal with the effects of electrosmog on the human body and human health.  

High- and low-frequency electrical radiation exposure - "electrosmog" - is invisible, but can still be measured! Thus, every person can get certainty about the individually existing electromagnetic exposure situation.  

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We will be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate measuring device and also advise you on possible protection solutions.
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