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Electrosmog shielding at home: How does shielding paint actually work?

Electrosmog is the term used to describe the mixture of low-frequency electric and magnetic direct and alternating fields and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. In our modern, high-tech world, we are exposed to this mixture practically all the time. The effect of electrosmog on the human body has not yet been fully researched, but various studies suggest that precautionary measures to protect against exposure to electrosmog, at least during the body's regeneration phase, make sense.  

While magnetic direct and alternating fields can only be shielded at great expense, low-frequency electric fields and electromagnetic radiation can be effectively shielded by various means. How exactly shielding paint works is explained in our guide. 

Gigahertz Solutions measuring device in front of a black wall with shielding paint

Technology explained in an understandable way: How does shielding of electric fields work? 

Shielding is the application of a protective shell so that the escape and penetration of something - in this case, of course, low-frequency electric fields and electromagnetic radiation - is prevented.  

Electric fields can be prevented from entering a particular area by diverting them through an electrically conductive surface above ground. Shielding paint is used to turn a wall into a so-called equipotential surface. Shielding paint contains carbon black, i.e. pure carbon particles, as well as fine natural graphite particles. These particles are electrically conductive. When electric fields and electromagnetic radiation hit a wall painted with shielding paint, they are reflected or absorbed and conducted away by the applied paint. To ensure full function and the greatest safety for people, the painted wall should be grounded.  

Gigahertz-Solutions' CFA-40 shielding paint relies on the addition of long 3 mm carbon fibers, which can effectively bridge micro-cracks in the substrate. In addition, the conductive carbon fibers distribute the grounding over the entire coated surface. This eliminates the need for grounding tapes. This is a decisive difference to most conventional shielding paints and makes our paint system the most cost-effective system on the market overall!

Also our shielding paint must be connected by an electrician to the house ground so that low-frequency electric fields and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation are safely shielded. However, only a punctual grounding is necessary here, which can be connected often also simply over a plug socket to the house ground.  

How much electrosmog can be intercepted with shielding paint?

By means of grounding, shielding paint effectively intercepts all low-frequency electric fields. If a room is really fully lined with shielding paint, the grounding point even creates a kind of Faraday cage. In this way, the load caused by unshielded cables laid in the wall can be significantly reduced. 

The shielding paint from Gigahertz Solutions is tested up to 18 Ghz - which means that even high-frequency electromagnetic radiation such as WLAN, DECT signals, mobile phone signals including 5G, etc. are effectively intercepted.  

Just one layer of shielding paint can shield up to 99.98% of existing electrosmog! Nevertheless, to ensure an even application of paint, two layers should always be painted. In this way, irregularities in the first paint application can be evened out, and the overall shielding effect is also improved. The shielding effectiveness of our shielding paint is regularly tested in our manufacturer's laboratory and externally according to ASTM D4935-10 and/or IEEE-STD-299-2006 standards. CFA-40 thus offers an exceptionally high standard, easy application and maximum protection!  

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What do I have to consider when using shielding paint?

The shielding paint from Gigahertz-Solutions does not require any special expertise in its use - any painter can apply the paint quite easily. The following steps should be taken before painting: 
  1. Check substrate: CFA-40 is suitable for almost all substrates, highly absorbent as well as mineral substrates must be painted with a primer before painting. For safety, a test coat should be applied on a small area.  
  2. The paint must be stirred well before use. The particles and fibers it contains settle to the bottom of the paint container. To ensure that all components are evenly distributed in the paint, an electric stirring rod should be used. 
  3. Between the application of the primer and shielding coats, the drying time should also be observed. This is 24h per painted area. 
  4. It is also extremely important that after the paint has dried, the painted area is connected to the house ground by means of spot grounding by a competent person - i.e. an electrician!  
  5. Plan to paint over the shielding paint at least 2 coats with a color of your choice. Almost all paints are suitable for overpainting, only pure mineral paints are not suitable.  

Caution: Shielding paint safely and effectively intercepts low-frequency electric fields and electromagnetic radiation. If such fields are generated within the shielded room, however, they also remain "trapped" in the room and are reflected again and again. This means that cell phones, telephones, WLAN routers and the like must not be used in the shielded room itself, of course - otherwise the prevailing exposure to the fields and radiation inside the room may even intensify.  


Shielding paint is used to create an electrically conductive coating on the wall, ceiling or floor. This allows low-frequency electric fields and electromagnetic radiation to be effectively intercepted and dissipated through the house ground. Due to the addition of long carbon fibers, the painted surface only needs to be grounded at specific points by an electrician. In this way, individual rooms can be effectively and sensibly protected from electrosmog!p>

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We will be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate measuring device and also advise you on possible protection solutions.
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