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Shielding electro-magnetic fields - with shielding products from Gigahertz Solutions

Gigahertz Solutions is your partner when it comes to shielding against electrosmog. We offer products for shielding high-frequency fields as well as products for reducing low-frequency fields. Whether WLAN radiation, cell phone radiation, Bluetooth or 5G; in our range of products for the shielding of electro-magnetic fields you are guaranteed to find the right product with our shielding colors, canopies and shielding fabrics!

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Products for the shielding of electrosmog - Gigahertz Solutions

There is more radiation in our environment than ever before: power cables are laid in houses, there are WLAN routers in homes and offices, and there are mobile phone antennas on our roofs; you can imagine that this can't be healthy! Gigahertz Solutions therefore offers suitable solutions for customers who want to measure electro-magnetic fields. In our online store, you can get shielding products that help you reduce exposure to high-frequency and low-frequency radiation: We can provide you with shielding paints, shielding canopies and shielding fleeces and, on request, any accessories needed for the installation and grounding of our products.

Electrosmog shielding; even with 5G!

High-frequency electromagnetic fields can be shielded by conductive materials such as metal meshes, metal grids or vaporized protective foils. The high-frequency electromagnetic radiation used in 5G networks can also be reliably reduced in this way. Our shielding paint CFA40, for example, offers a shielding effectiveness of over 99.9% - even at frequencies far above 10 GHz. Our shielding systems thus offer you safe and reliable protection against electro-magnetic fields; even with frequency increases occurring in the future.

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