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Linkportal Electrosmog

Technical laymen will find a very good introduction to the subject on this page:



Topic Overview


Low-radiation / -free telephones

  • A manufacturer-neutral, extremely competent and always up-to-date elaboration on the subject can be found on the website of the


Information Services


Guideline values of building biology

  • Richtwerte für Schlafplätze (Precautionary values according to the "Standard of Building Biology Measurement Technology SBM 2015", (c) IBN/Baubiologie Maes)


Building and geobiological associations / societies



Paper is patient!

This is particularly noticeable when it comes to electrosmog. As a rule, unfortunately, in the truest sense of the word: good advice is expensive! Among the flood of books on the subject, which we routinely read through critically shortly after publication, there is much that is doubtful (especially in the lower price segment) and little that is worth recommending. Here are two tried and tested tips:


Wolfgang Maes: Stress durch Strom und Strahlung – Unser Patient ist das Haus (6. Auflage 2013)

The standard work from the "father" of the widely accepted standard of building biology measurement technology. Written in an easy-to-understand manner with many practical examples. Especially recommended for technical laymen.
Available from Institut für Baubiologie und Nachhaltigkeit


Martin H. Virnich: Baubiologische EMF-Messtechnik (Grundlagen der Feldtheorie / Praxis der Feldmesstechnik, 2012)

Available from Institut für Baubiologie und Nachhaltigkeit


Martin Schauer: Feldreduzierung in Gebäuden (Geschirmte Elektroinstallation / Abschirmung an Gebäuden und in Wohnungen, 2012)

Available from Institut für Baubiologie und Nachhaltigkeit


Wohnung und Gesundheit

Quarterly magazine as well as other building biology literature (by Wolfgang Maes, among others): IBN Institute for Building Biology and Sustainability IBN, Neubeuern.

In the above-mentioned books there are extensive further sources.

Authorities, commissions and associations


Citizens' Initiatives


State-approved training course for building biologists


Further training opportunities and other seminar providers


Qualified building and geobiological consultants

The organizations with a private sector background mentioned under the item "Other further education opportunities and seminar providers" can also provide you with the graduates of their educational programs.

In addition to these addresses, we know a large number of highly qualified building biologists and measurement technicians. Please mail us if you need advice: We will be happy to name a contact person in your area.

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