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Electrosmog measuring devices (HF/NF) from Gigahertz Solutions

Gigahertz Solutions offers high-quality electrosmog meters for measuring high-frequency (mobile radio, WLAN, smart meters, radar, etc.) and low-frequency (mains current, railroad current, "dirty power", etc.) electric and magnetic fields.

Buy your electrosmog measuring device directly from the manufacturer Gigahertz Solutions, the pioneer in building biology field strength measurement technology! Practical device specifications as well as detailed, easy-to-understand measuring instructions, including building biology limit value recommendations, enable even technical laymen to measure their personal electrosmog exposure.

FREE with your first order you will receive our brochure "Elektrostress im Alltag", published by the independent environmental and consumer protection organization Diagnose Funk e. V. Our brochure contains a wealth of background information and tips on how you can reduce your personal exposure to electromagnetic radiation and EMF yourself.

Gigahertz electrosmog meters have been patented many times over, have been used in thousands of applications worldwide, and are trend-setters in their price class.

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Fig. 1: Overview of different frequency ranges and the corresponding measuring instruments

What types of electrosmog measuring devices are there?

Since high-frequency and low-frequency fields have different causation and propagation characteristics, it is usually not possible to measure them with a single measuring device. In our store you will therefore find separate EMF measuring devices for each required frequency range (high frequency and low frequency).

Only a measurement can provide clarity!

With our electrosmog measuring devices for high and low frequency fields you can create a reliable basis for your decision - beyond any "esotericism". Thanks to recognized precautionary values for harmless levels of exposure to various types of fields and radiation, everyone can assess their personal exposure and derive measures for protection against electromagnetic radiation.

Effective protection against electrosmog is possible!

... even without loss of comfort! Therefore, reduce avoidable electrosmog exposure and be on the safe side - no matter what the public discussion will be in the future. There are many effective remedies available against electrosmog - especially in the low-frequency range also those that can be realized without further costs (some tips can be found e.g. in our manuals). In our online store you will also find countless aids such as various mains decouplers or materials for shielding high and low frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Buy electrosmog measuring device from Gigahertz Solutions!

In our store you will find a large selection of high-quality electrosmog measuring devices directly from the manufacturer, which are suitable for a quick and professional assessment of your radiation situation. Our assortment includes devices for beginners as well as professional electrosmog measurement technology as used by doctors, alternative practitioners and building biologists.

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