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Shielding Paint

The carbon fiber-reinforced, solvent- and metal-free high-performance shielding paint CFA40 for indoor and outdoor application reliably shields up to 99.98% of unwanted high-frequency radiation from mobile phone masts, WLAN, etc. ("HF electrosmog") with just one single coat.

Directly to the shielding paint CFA40

The special formulation with carbon fibers makes the difference!

The decisive advantage of CFA40 shielding paint over other shielding paints is that our paint contains countless electrically conductive 3-mm carbon fibers. These fibers guarantee the surface bonding required for safe grounding by reliably bridging any cracks in the substrate without the necessity of a grounding tape. For coherent surfaces, only ONE grounding connection to the potential equalization ("house ground") is required. For this purpose, we recommend our cost-effective grounding kit EPK eco, which contains all necessary components. A qualified electrician can thus ensure a standard compliant grounding connection. 

Future-proof due to high shielding/shielding attenuation even for frequencies beyond 10 GHz

Shielding performance up to 99.98 % (38 dB) single layer, up to 99.996 % (44 dB) double layer. Tested up to 18 GHz, it is thus future-proof for new, ever higher frequency ranges. 

Easy processing

One advantage of CFA40 shielding paint over wallpaper, nonwovens or fabrics is its simple color-typical processing. Any painter can apply it professionally using only a paint roller without any special expertise or training. 

Can be painted over with commercially available wall paints

CFA40 is a plastic dispersion paint with pure acrylate. Therefore, commercially available plastic dispersion paints adhere well to it almost without exception. We can further unreservedly recommend all KEIM sol-silicate and dispersion silicate paints. Natural resin dispersions also adhere relatively well, depending on their composition. We do not recommend purely mineral coatings such as clay or lime (exception AURO 344). 

Durable and corrosion resistant

Many metal shielding products are not corrosion resistant. The shielding paint CFA40 does not contain any metals, but a mixture of carbons, and is therefore chemically stable, durable and permanently non-oxidizing even in humid environments. 

Selected ingredients

The CFA40 shielding paint does not contain solvents, plasticizers or any other harmful ingredients. All ingredients, regardless of price, have been selected solely for their harmlessness and high quality. 

VOC emissions

The VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds) of the shielding paint CFA40 have been tested according to the ChemVOCFarbV by an accredited, independent laboratory. The current legal VOC maximum value (as of 2010) for product category A/a is 30 g/l. At 0.2 g/l, the shielding paint CFA40 is 150 times below the current regulation. 

Expert opinion on shielding effectiveness

The shielding effectiveness is regularly measured by the manufacturer in his own laboratory or by Prof. Pauli at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich according to the standards ASTM D4935-10 and/or IEEE-STD-299-2006. 

Areas of application

The shielding paint offers a wide range of applications: In the private sector for protection against mobile radio transmitters, broadcast transmitters, radar systems, cordless phones, radio networks or power lines. In business surroundings, as well as scientific and Research fields to protect against data theft from radio networks, as interception protection in conference rooms, or for shielding devices and systems. In medical fields, to prevent measurements on patients (ECG/EEG) from being falsified. In the industry, e.g. at car manufacturers in the development departments. In prisons to make unauthorized cell phone calls more difficult. Other applications: Data centers, technical rooms, schools, kindergartens, hotel rooms, hospital rooms, sound studios, etc....

"Very professional product" judges the external comparison By omitting the (expensive) grounding strap, we offer the most affordable overall system!


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