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Protection and screening for sleeping areas

We simply "sleep through" a large part of our lives. Of the average 80 years of life in Germany, we spend about 24 years and 4 months in bed - a good 1/3 of our entire life. During sleep, body and mind recover, important metabolic processes take place at night, our immune system works at full speed and many other existential physical and mental functions depend on good, restful sleep. That is why it is so important to protect our sleeping place sufficiently from electrical radiation, e.g. from mobile phones or WLAN.

What is electrosmog and how does it affect our sleep?

Electrosmog is a problem that is becoming increasingly common in our modern world. Various studies have shown that both high-frequency electromagnetic radiation and low-frequency electric and magnetic direct and alternating fields can influence our sleep behaviour and make it much more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. There are many stress factors in our lives - electrostress is one factor that we can drastically reduce with simple means. What are you waiting for? One way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of electrosmog is to use shielding canopies. These are particularly effective at shielding high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, such as that emitted by mobile phone masts or WLAN routers. Another advantage of our canopies is that they can also effectively shield low frequency, which is emitted by power lines, for example. To achieve the highest possible protection, there are also special bed underlays that provide additional effects for shielding. These underlays are designed to provide maximum shielding from electrosmog and thus offer optimal protection in your sleeping place.

All-round safe and carefree sleep

Our canopies are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to be protected from electrosmog at their sleeping place. If you also use one of our bed pads, your bed will be shielded all around. This means that no electrosmog can penetrate to your bed, even from the flat below. By using our canopies and bed pads, you can feel safe and sleep undisturbed without having to worry about possible health effects caused by electrosmog. Protect yourself and your family with our canopies and experience restful and healthy sleep.

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Single bed, double bed: Always well protected!

Our canopies are available in various designs.  Canopies made of voile shield high-frequency radiation and are at the same time permeable to light and air due to the transparent fabric, they are also crease-resistant. Our Silver Tulle canopies provide maximum shielding from high and low frequency electromagnetic radiation and are also translucent and crease-resistant. And finally our canopy made of Silver Cotton, this is very inexpensive and also offers high shielding attenuation and good light and air permeability. All canopies are easy to assemble and efficiently protect you and your loved ones from electrosmog.

Canopies: Various sizes and shapes

Our canopies come in different sizes. We offer canopies in a pyramid shape and also canopies in a box shape. The box-shaped canopies are designed either for single beds (max. width 100 cm) or for double beds (max. width 200 cm). With the matching bed bases for single or double beds, you can furnish entirely according to your needs!

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