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Grounding Equipment

GROUNDING IS OF CENTRAL IMPORTANCE FOR LOW FREQUENCY SHIELDING, while high frequency can be reliably shielded even without grounding.  Coupling of low frequency should be avoided in this case, e.g. by the use of a demand switch for the disconnection from the mains.

Grounding measures can be quite tricky! It is therefore essential to follow the detailed processing instructions enclosed with each grounding component. It is of utter importance to have the grounding measures carried out by a qualified electrician only! Your qualified electrician is liable for the measures carried out!

The following points must be observed:

  • Protective measures against dangerous body currents according to DIN 57100/VDE 0100 Part 410 + Part 540, grounding according to DIN/VDE 0100 Part 410 + Part 540, visual and test inspection according to DIN/VDE 0100 Part 610 Section 4+5 and EMC according to VDE 0100.
  • Grounding is only permissible in a TNS or TT network! Under no circumstances may grounding be carried out in mains forms with a combined PEN conductor!
  • A residual current circuit breaker (FI / RCD) smaller than 30 mA must be installed.

Preferred order of grounding:

  • With a 4 mm² cable (16 mm² for facade shielding) directly at the potential equalization (ideal case!).
  • With a 2.5 mm² cable directly at the PE conductor in the electrical installation (the most convenient solution for indoors).

Further information to be found in our grounding information sheet.

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